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Agency Services

Agency Services

Today, every business owner acknowledges and understands the importance of Digital Marketing and Advertising. The truth is, any business without a digital strategy will eventually be phased out and become irrelevant to their consumers. More importantly, mobile being the primary screen in digital interaction, business owners will not only have to face the challenges of becoming digital but also will need to formulate a mobile strategy of their own.

  • Agency Services and products are designed specifically to:
    provide multiple and unique buying channels for media placement
  • consult on targeting, creation of interest groups, and strategy planning for scale
  • manage performance attribution through tracking and reporting to better optimize campaigns
    Our Proprietary ad serving and tracking platform provides our in-house media planners and account management team with a full-stack product offering to best deliver on the advertiser’s requirements and needs.
Platform Solutions

Platform Solutions

Over the past 10 years, mobile and digital advertising have been growing mediums for all marketers. However due to the lack of media transparency, many advertisers have shown little confidence in expanding budget allocations to new strategies.

At Cheese Mobile, we handle these issues with technology and integrity:

  • To ensure transparency: Full advertiser access and reporting;
  • To measure performance: Complete tracking capabilities integrated with 3rd party systems;
  • To provide exact targeting: Cheese Mobile platform incorporates all features which allow advertisers to scale and precisely target the right audience.
  • To enhance accountability: Cheese Mobile platform provides postback reports via API for client-side access for quick internal evaluation and review

Cheese Mobile’s platforms are designed to provide control, visibility and scale for our advertisers. We will deliver on KPI’s and provide better ROI’s.

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The competition on the online marketing is very high. Using just an email alone may not be enough. The customers do not have time to check every email. From now on you will not have to worry anymore because we have good service to contact with customers quickly. Our SMS service is fast, convenient, and accessible to our target audience.

SMS Bulk
SMS service for organizations that want to use SMS in bulk to distribute information or news in large numbers or publicity.
• Easy to use web-based UI.
• Can manage user manually.
• Can be set to send a variety of time.
• Check the results immediately and provide online reports.

SMS 2 Ways
You can contact the customer quickly. SMS 2 Ways can do more than you think.
• Increased customer service channels.
• Membership inquiries can be made via mobile phone.
• Join the fun Win prizes on mobile at anywhere and anytime.
• Apply for services / participate in events / seminars, apply for service easily through mobile.
• Voting Service on Mobile

Location Based SMS
Send a message by region. Ensure accurate target selection at specified locations and times. You can select and target multiple locations across the country.
• Set campaign promotion at specific time and venues as the customer needs.



Instant Website
It is a instant service that is available to support all businesses, easy to use, fast, custom web decoration for those who want to have a website but no time and no knowledge of the web.
The website is divided into 3 types to accommodate all businesses.
• Corporate and Public Relations
Website layout has been designed to cater to companies, stores, and organizations. A system of announcements and newsletters to inform users of web-based calendaring systems about the activities of the organization. And, the system can create an organizational form like a quotation or application.
• Ecommerce Website
We have designed the website for e-commerce, stock management, and payment systems. The website is easy to shop in just a few steps and suitable for business owners that want to increase sales and grow a leap.
• Personal Websites or blogs
We have designed the website to support writing articles, News and Reviews with easy-to-use article writing system and easily ranked with the system that supports SEO.